Monofilament Fishing Lines

The US magazine „Fly Fisherman“  published in May 2012 the so far probably largest test of monofilament fishing lines
with 30 different products. The tester measured the average breaking strength (without knot) of all products in relation to
the actual diameters.  Afterwards the best products have been undergone a knot test with 22 (!!!) different knots.
The overall  “Breaking Strength Winner” of all  tested brands is STROFT GTM.  Read the test.

The fishing magazine „Rute und Rolle“ published the results of a test that had been carried out by the TUV Munich
(German standards organisation); various properties and characteristics of 10 monofilament fishing lines from a
range of manufacturers were compared. E.g. the stated thickness - actual diameter – knot-strength before and after
stretching the line - the elasticity before and after having stretched the line - the knot-strength after being stored in a
hot atmosphere - the elasticity after having been stored in a hot atmosphere.
The unquestionable winner was STROFT GTM. Read the test.

Multifilament (braided) Fishing Lines

The fishing magazine „Blinker“ published a test in which properties and characteristics of 12 different multifilament lines
from a range of manufacturers were compared:
Braiding, suppleness, surface, thickness, castability, line-lay, resistance to abrasion, breaking strain
(BFAFi – Fisheries-Research-Institute in Hamburg)
The unquestionable winner was STROFT GTP.
Quote: The winning line is clearly STROFT GTP from WAKU. It was found to be extremely thin In comparison to its
stated diameter, and classified as round and supple. On the water the line lay, and its casting characteristics were
impressive. The breaking strain was found to be greater than that stated on the spool. Read the test.

More tests can be found on our German homepage! But these tests are in German language, in fact of copyrights. Click here!